Sunday, 24 May 2015

Creativity : An unique approach

"Creativity" is the phenomenon involving high level of imagination and thought process which creates something new and unique. It also enables us to explore and delve deep to find our own new ways.

As a child is always curious to know and learn about new things in the new world, so is a creative person. These three questions haunts a curious mind - what, why and when? Which is similar to the basic principles of Economics. 

Human mind works like an automatic machine, for instance - the moment a person is assigned with any task, his or her brain starts thinking ways to execute and complete it in the best possible way. Now it depends upon the power of imagination of a person that will help him or her to find and apply the accurate and suitable plan for the task. This determines the quality of a person as an efficient and responsible worker. This way every single person has his own approach towards a particular given task and can excel in the associated area by creating new methods of skill development.

During our school days we come across many such characters through our text books whom we start idolizing. We become more and more inquisitive about them and our parents and teachers educate us and answer our queries. But as we grow up we research and explore more as the answers which we get during school days are very basic and limited. To quench our thrust of curiosity we adopt many ways to find satisfactory answers.

In management, the term "creativity ", is defined as one of its basic principles by the the renowned management expert, P.F.Drucker. For any managerial work, it plays a key role to set up any project because it is just a chain for getting our result.

Likewise our life follows the same way because everything in this universe is correlated with each other.When we look at the beauty of nature, we wonder how has nature made such an arrangement for a systematic sequence of day followed by evening and night, our daily routine is based on this  cycle, thus both are inter-linked.

Sometimes we also face certain abnormal situation or a very hectic schedule, in which we have to think in a creative way to make best use of our limited time to achieve our respective goals in life.

Thus imagination plays a pivotal role in every aspect of our life, a person without the power of imagination will be restricted to mechanical works. To be productive one has be imaginative and creative.

courtesy: Komal Prasad